Manufacturers and Retail

We hired AC Consulting services for the first time in April 2009 and we still do so today. Since they could adapt quickly to our needs, we really took advantage of the time and money invested by obtaining immediate results!

Through the Coaching and Commercial Advice Services we could visualize more clearly our strategy and jointly develop action plans to achieve our goals.

We are a retail company and got increased our sales through the support AC Consulting gave us by planning new promotions with successful results which are easy applicable.

  • We were able to improve our business profitability through a product portfolio analysis that AC Consulting taught us; thus, we now focus on selling the most profitable products.
  • We improved our Working Environment and salespersons’ performance through a Skills Assessment System tailored to our business proposed by AC Consulting.
  • We tested the process of making difficult decisions – such as opening new stores or closing existing ones – by applying the techniques taught and assisted by AC Consulting. Today we can say that the actions taken were accurate and we could justify them!
  • Nowadays we are working on improving our administrative and purchasing processes in order to be more profitable and efficient in business operations.

AC Consulting brings solutions and tools that support the implementation of action plans.

I recommend them for their professionalism and collaboration at critical moments such as year 2009 and also during times of development as this year.

Fernando Kosoy
Executive Manager – Nancel S.A.


Services to Industry

Our business relationship with AC Consulting began in 2011 and thanks to their knowledge and great work dynamics we could quickly carry out the sales actions we had postponed, which provided satisfactory results in very short time.

AC Consulting was a great support to our commercial needs; we developed an action plan and could clearly visualize the strategy to carry out.

Our company created the foundations to a solid business structure with medium- and long-term plans according to our needs.

Since our company is a service provider now experiencing a period of expansion and growth, we found strong support in the vast experience of AC Consulting as well as in the knowledge transmitted to both the commercial and administrative areas.

At the same time, we made a joint effort that allowed us to analyze our company profitability in the different categories of our activity and optimized the existing resources to develop new areas and achieve greater service offering to our Customers.

We are currently working on our processes documentation and a management system implementation that will assist us to become more efficient in daily administration.

We will continue using the consulting services of AC Consulting for much longer, due to the dedication and professionalism of the business consultants appointed to our company.

We recommend AC Consulting to any type of company willing to address improvements in their businesses and management processes.

Alejandro Otero
President – OTERO S.A. – Thermal and Acoustic Insulations