We are a group of associated consultants with different educational background and successful business experience created to provide support and commercial advice to business professionals and SMEs.

AC Consulting begins in late 2006:

Andrea Consolini, Eng.

Professional Background: Ex-Product Manager at Johnson & Johnson Medical S.A.
Commercial Manager at Silica Networks Argentina S.A., and Sales Manager to SMEs at Impsat S.A.
She also worked for companies such as Siemens S.A. and Startel S.A. (a data transmission company of Telefónica and Telecom Argentina) assuming leadership responsibilities at Marketing and Sales.
Today she has gained successful experience in national and international companies from several industries and in different market segments.


Academic Background: Master in Business Administration – IDEA – Graduated from the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Buenos Aires – Professor of Postgraduate Business Intelligence at Belgrano University – From 2008, she writes to MateriaBiz (Grupo Clarín) and Infobae Profesional. Marketing and Sales columnist for the specialized journal «Alzas y Bajas en el Mercado de Capitales» since March 2009 to present time. Editor of «Tendencia Comercial.net» since early 2008.