We are based on the best practices and internationally recognized standards, and we adapt ourselves to the exclusive needs of your company.

Commercial Advice

We offer help to guide your thinking towards a concrete analysis of your project feasibility by assembling a tactical implementation plan or simply by preparing a marketing plan consistent with the available budget.

Consultative Selling

Nowadays, regarding the value-added services and hyper-competitive markets, it is essential to implement this new paradigm in order to stand out from the crowd and be more profitable.

Commercial Coaching

As a Technical Director of a football team designs along with the captain a tactical plan customized to the players for each match, we can guide your company to score as a team as many goals as possible. In the meantime, we assist the captain in becoming a Technical Director.

1-    Survey: Gathering the information necessary to understand the reality and needs of our Customer.
2-    Definition: Analyzing the information and defining the goals and scopes.
3-    Action plan: Developing an action plan jointly with the Customer separating the urgent from the important matters.
4-    Implementation: Setting up the customized Action Plan.
5-    Monitoring: Verifying the goals compliance; analyzing the obtained results.