The impact will be directly on the business profitability, since the business coach will work with your coachee in:

Increasing the commercial efficiency:

Acting as a one-to-one consultant on the coachee daily work by relieving his/her actions, contrasting the proceedings with his/her experience and knowledge, and seeking together the most appropriate mechanisms for marketing products and/or services.

Planning achievable goals:

The coach helps the business management to verify that the sales goals are both consistent with the possibilities offered by the market and planned according to the available tools and resources.

Aligning strategy with tactics:

The consultant acts as a coach and serves as the devil’s advocate when testing the commercial strategy by using his/her expertise and knowledge in the field and monitoring the implementation for it to be consistent as planned.

Improving the work environment:

Developing leadership skills by helping people to work on their strengths and weaknesses, and growing their strongest skills directly affect the environment generated in the sales force. A team with direction and clear rules works comfortable and gets better results.

Getting more satisfied Customers:

The whole strategy and implementation plan should consider a win-win situation between Customer and Company. This is the only way to ensure lasting results and satisfied Customers who will return to buy.

And ultimately, Increasing your business profitability:

Setting up all the previous items will result in selling more and better as well as improving the sales force commercial assertiveness while reinforcing the leader actions.

Both a Sales Manager of a multinational company as the Owner or Director of a Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) guided by an advanced Coach can quickly:

  • Reinforce your strengths
  • Work on your weaknesses
  • Test your work methodology
  • Confront your theory against experience
  • Review your strategy
  • Develop coaching skills on your own sales force