In times of economic adjustment, selling becomes an ungrateful task. Much more if we still use the traditional methods attempting to show the Customers a range of benefits that do not really solve their current problems.

Furthermore, there exist very strong changes already rooted in society that make up the way people consume goods and services. Customers are increasingly informed and they will only allow us to intervene in their purchasing decisions when we can play a new role collaborating with the process without hindering it.

From this perspective, selling is the result of a process focused on making explicit the Customer needs for our company can provide a solution.

Nowadays, regarding the value-added services and hyper-competitive markets, it is essential to implement this new paradigm in order to stand out from the crowd and be more profitable.

However, in most companies, the sales force is formed by employees educated according to the «Old School». So, how to implement this new approach to maximize the business results?

SPIN Selling Technique

The most recommended technique for achieving the Consultative Selling goals is referred to as SPIN Selling. This method suggests a particular process for gathering and analyzing the information provided by the Customer.

The SPIN technique (Situation, Problem, Implications and Needs) is based on the concept that the sales force function is basically to assist the Customers in solving their problems instead of trying to demonstrate why they should buy the product or acquire the service being offered.

This method requires certain changes in the skills and attitudes of the sales force.

Beyond training, it is essential that the Commercial Manager acts as a team coach and facilitator by promoting the exchange of experiences among salespersons so that everyone will gain expertise in applying the SPIN technique.

The concept proposed is Consultative Selling as a new approach where the key to success consists in ADVISING instead of SELLING.